Project Delivery

What is project delivery?

This model provides you with outstanding solutions through software engineering services. It is very simple and transparent: you have an idea and business requirements and we design a ready-to-use digital product. You get a highly competent, dynamic and zero-bureaucracy team at a proper budget.

From requirement assessment to Q.A. and DevOps, we take full responsibility for all processes for a predictable and timely result.

You need this approach when:

You have clear objectives and precise project requirements

You want to bring your idea to life with an excellent result and superior quality

You want to delegate technology project management and focus on business tasks

Your current team lack expertise in a specific technology

You need a reliable software partner with a proven record of success

Benefits of this approach
Quick and easy start

A core team is formed within a short time (up to two weeks). However, if there is a need for specific skills, the process might take up to six weeks to eight weeks.

Professional management

Our project managers are available to address any issues with prompt responses. We provide complete consulting support: you understand why and how we do what we do at every stage and what the outcome will be.

Intelligent delivery

We guarantee the successful deployment and implementation of your project. Many years of software development experience and best practices allow us to create value for clients with an optimal time and cost. We aim to build long-term business relationships based on mutual trust.

Easy progress communication

We keep you constantly posted on the progress of your project and give you a clear picture of cost versus agreed milestones.

Our Process
  • Assessment

    We analyze your needs taking into account the constraints you have, and then provide you with recommendations

  • Development

    We code the required functionality, perform testing, and schedule regular demo meetings to track progress

  • Delivery

    We deliver all project components and knowledge base and provide deployment assistance if needed

  • Support

    We provide system monitoring, infrastructure maintenance, backups, and enhancements

For whom is this?

If you are creating an internal product or if you are opening a new business unit based on digital services. Or maybe just want to amaze your customers.

Start-up and Scale-up

If you are an enterprenur with a brilliant idea and want to bring it to life, or if your digital product has been validated and it's growing like crazy and you need to upgrade it.

Frequently asked questions
Depending on the size of your project it may take something between 3 to 8 business days.
Yes, all the intellectual property is yours forever since day 1. At the start of each project we sign a NDA contract.

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