Dedicated Development Team

What is a dedicated team?

This model provides you with software and technology professionals on a long term basis. The team members are chosen according to the experience and skillsets you need. You may decide to manage the team from your side (your project managers) or assign Deharo Labs' project managers to coordinate the communication process and tasks.

This model has a very simple and transparent pricing system: there are monthly payments that depend on the team size. The payment consists of members' salaries + service fees.

You need this approach when:

Your current team needs a rapid expansion or additional technical expertise

You don't want to build a software department but in need of engineers

You want to delegate the team administration

You want to reduce engineering costs and optimize your budget

You need a reliable software partner with a proven record of success

Benefits of this approach
Quick and easy start

A core team is formed within a short time (up to two weeks). However, if there is a need for specific skills, the process might take up to six weeks to eight weeks.

Transparent staffing processes

We guarantee the best quality pre-selection of candidates so you can choose the best engineers to set up a dream team.

Grow the team as needed

If you want to scale-up your team at a later stage, we will expand your talent base with the required engineers. Also, we can provide consulting for the following roles you may need.


We take control of all operational procedures, such as staffing, onboarding, employee's salary, legal, invoicing, accounting, training, team members certifications, etc, so that you can be focused on the product development tasks.

Easy progress communication

The team is fully engaged in a project. We take over the general workflow and communication management by obtaining feedback from both you and the team to ensure that the projects are running correctly.

Our Process
  • Assessment

    We analyze your needs taking into account the constraints you have, and then provide you with recommendations

  • Team selection

    We identify available in-company talent or find them in the local IT market so they can interview with you

  • Team set-up

    We set up the team, implement onboarding, and conduct knowledge sharing and kickoff meetings

  • Team management

    We help you keep people motivated, measure performance and advise you on project improvement

For whom is this?

If you are creating an internal product or if you are opening a new business unit based on digital services. Or maybe just want to amaze your customers.

Start-up and Scale-up

If you are an enterprenur with a brilliant idea and want to bring it to life, or if your digital product has been validated and it's growing like crazy and you need to upgrade it.

Frequently asked questions
Depending on the size of your project it may take something between 3 to 8 business days.
Yes, all the intellectual property is yours forever since day 1. At the start of each project we sign a NDA contract.

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